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‘Sister Wives’ family members makes house in inclusive Arizona town

The patriarch regarding the family that is polygamous television’s “Sister Wives” drove around their new hometown in north Arizona, admiring the hill views but nevertheless thinking about the heap of containers that needed sorting at the domiciles he rented for their four spouses and 18 kids.

“We relocated to paradise, but we are in residing hell at this time,” Kody Brown stated, laughing, during a phone that is recent because of the Associated Press.

Packing up four going vehicles in nevada during triple-digit July temperature and using his household to Flagstaff, a liberal university town in mostly conservative Arizona, ended up being no task that is easy.

Nevertheless the Browns stated they needed a brand new spot to phone house — and film their TLC truth show — after realizing they don’t wish to feel my age in Las Vegas. They stated they lived here in “exile” after fleeing Utah last year underneath the danger of prosecution after the premiere of the groundbreaking show.

Flagstaff residents have “live and let live” mindset, as well as the City Council has passed away resolutions advertising variety and addition. The town has winter that is snowy and it is a well known location for wilderness dwellers to cool down.

That open-mindedness and beauty attracted the Browns when they eliminated time for Utah, where they feel discrimination continues against plural families.

“Why don’t we simply state there’s lots of hippies in Flagstaff, and they are awesome,” Brown said.

Being hitched to one or more person, or bigamy, is unlawful throughout the usa. What the law states in Mormon-heavy Utah is regarded as stricter as a result of an original supply that bars hitched folks from coping with an additional “spiritual partner.”

Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints abandoned polygamy in 1890 and strictly prohibits it. The Browns start thinking about themselves mormons that are fundamentalist.

In a memo handling appropriate questions regarding the household, Flagstaff police stated Brown could never be faced with bigamy because he is lawfully hitched to siberian bride at least one woman, Robyn Brown. The patriarch states he is “spiritually married” to another three females.

The Browns purchased four lots totaling almost 15 acres a miles that are few downtown Flagstaff for $820,000 in June, relating to property documents. They stated they ultimately intend to build house or domiciles but they are actually staying in four rentals scattered through the entire community.

Manufacturers told town officials the television show does all of the recording in the houses plus in a building that is commercial the Browns rented. Season eight of “Sister Wives” is placed to debut on TLC in 2019 january.

Flagstaff was abuzz in regards to the move, with residents sharing sightings of this family members on social media marketing.

Pete web Page lives down the street through the Browns in a neighborhood that is quiet domiciles are spread away amid a meadow and in the middle of ponderosa pine woods. He doesn’t object to your family members’ life style but does not want to see ecological harm, roads blocked down for shooting, extra traffic and sound, or fans driving around hoping to get a glimpse.

“we have all the exact same concern: ‘ Is this likely to become a circus?’” other neighbor Michael Reidy said. “the majority of us don’t believe it’s going to, but which is driving a car.”

Jessie Luckey, whom lives in eastern Flagstaff with her spouse as well as 2 kiddies, said she enjoyed viewing “Sister Wives” and will be courteous towards the family members, but views their lifestyle as patriarchal and sexist.

“It is not a tradition i would like right here,” she stated, “normalizing a behavior that I do not think ought to be normalized.”

The Browns initially imagined going back to Utah despite suing over its unique cohabitation legislation, alleging it violated their spiritual freedom. They scored an early on victory that is legal but an appeals court ruled they are able ton’t sue since they was not charged underneath the legislation.

“Utah is aggressive toward polygamists,” Kody Brown stated. “there is certainly a really normal and discreet discrimination from the public due to those anti-polygamy legislation.”

Your family does not be sorry for its amount of time in Nevada, where in fact the young young ones blossomed simply because they could possibly be normal and never designated as polygamous children like in Utah, the wives stated. They now vary in age from 2 to 24.

Three for the Browns’ kiddies are hitched, as well as 2 other people have been in serious relationships — including one child that is a lesbian. None intends to exercise polygamy.

“we have always been extremely confident with their alternatives it doesn’t matter what these are typically,” Brown stated.

McCombs reported from Salt Lake City.

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